KAPPA Kanopies

Anywhere Anytime

Glamping in a minute

Anywhere Anytime SCV

The go Anywhere , Anytime 100% Self Contained Vehicle (SCV) compliant glamping solutions is now here.

For those seeking, comfort and convenience while touring to locations that camper trailers and caravans can not.

Best of all, beer o'clock starts a minute after you pull up. Yes, it only takes a couple of minutes to be set for the night.

No more packing this-and-that, Just add food, water, personal items and your favourite camping chairs, and you're set to go Anywhere, Anytime.

Main Overview of KA Model for LC79 Single Cab - 2023

Want to know more?

The best way to discover more and follow our progress is to register your interest with us. 

Give us a call as well.  Keen to hear about your travel requirements and how a KAPPA canopy may help. 

Where are we at!

Our first canopy model, the "KA", is currently being field tested, with plans to start production in late 2023.  

The canopies are designed and built in Australia from Australian produced materials where possible.

Kappa Kanopies are designed for full time touring.  It's strong, durable, flexible and light with lots of storage spaces.  However, the best feature is how quick and easy it is to go anywhere, anytime.

Visit our photo gallery and notes to see how the prototype was built in our small workshop.

We Need Canopy Builders and Sales People Now

We are seeking people that are interested in working with us to build and / or market and support the Kappa line of canopy products throughout Australia.  If this sounds like an opportunity for you. Simply contact us and let's talk.  For further details, Click here

GMV Upgrade & Weight Considerations

The gross mass capacity of any vehicle is quickly consumed, particularly when adding those "must-have" 4WD accessories, You know them, bull bars, winches, extra tanks, towbar, spotlights, second spare wheel, fridge etc.  Furthermore, that's not counting you and your partner and a 130L of fuel. 

Regardless of the landcrusier 70 series attractive payload, it's mostly gone with the above typical outfit.

With weight being a significant design consideration, a 600kg GMV upgrade is recommended when fitting one of our canopies.  The centre of gravity of the canopy and its typical load seats forward of the rear axial.  This means that your GMV upgrade should apply to both the front and rear axial and subject to your vehicles' setup.

The nice feature to a Kappa canopy is that most the "must-have" gear is built in, so you only need to add water, food and personal items.

Think about what you really need to add to your vehicle and why.  Do you really need that winch, roof rack, cast iron pots and pans.  Think light and travel light.  It's safer and less demanding on you and your vehicle.

LC79 Dual Cab

We are currently in the design process for the Toyota Dual Cab KAPPA SCV canopy.  While shorter and lighter, "KB" model offers all the same Self Contained features as the KA Model.  We hope to have available from late 2024