KAPPA Kanopies

Anywhere Anytime

Glamping in a minute

Built-in heaters, stove, toilet, shower and queen bed, all on the back of your LandCruiser - You have to see it to believe it.

Anywhere Anytime SCV

The go Anywhere , Anytime Self Contained Vehicle (SCV) glamping solutions is now here.

For those seeking, comfort and convenience while touring to locations that camper trailers and caravans can not.

Best of all, beer o'clock starts a minute after you pull up. Yes, it only takes a couple of minutes to be set for the night.

No more packing this-and-that, Just add food, water, personal items and pick your favourite camping destinations, and you're set to go Anywhere, Anytime.

Main Overview - LandCruiser 79

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Where are we at! (End of 2023)

"Wow" describes our first canopy.  It's far better than what we could have ever imagined. Truly Glamping.

The Kappa Kanopy is a must-see to believe it, glamping vehicles with the lot, designed to go anywhere.

In a couple of minutes, you are set for the day and night. Everything is at your fingertips and when it's time to hit the sack, it's only three small steps to your queen bed.  

The ability to have a hot shower and use a flush toilet with no setup just makes bush camping a pleasure.

We need help to assemble our Kappa Units

We are keen to talk to motivated people or existing businesses with skill to expand and benefit from taking on the Kappa Kanopies. 

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Weight Considerations

The Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) capacity of any vehicle can be quickly consumed, particularly when adding those "must-have" 4WD accessories, You know them! Bull bar, winch, tow-bar, spotlights, second spare wheel, fridge etc.  

Regardless of the LandCruiser 70 series attractive payload, it's quickly consumed, so you may need to consider an GMV increase.

Kappa Kanopies use a monocoque approach that is lighter and more durable over a "Jack Off" / "Slide Off" type 4WD Canopy unit. 

The canopy when loaded has a centre of gravity located forward of the rear axial and low.  This means that any GVM upgrade should consider the front and rear axial load limits subject to your vehicles' setup.

Think light and travel light.