Self Contained Camping

You may have noticed the growing number of campgrounds specifying "Self Contained Only" or "Self Contained Vehicle (SCV)" camping only.

What does this mean:

While many newer motor homes and caravans are SCV, very few other vehicles comply.  The KAPPA SCV canopies are 100% self-contained compliant and designed to tour anywhere, anytime.  

"It’s nice to have your own private bathroom, the freedom to live off-grid for extended periods, travel anywhere, and to avoid those overcrowded camping grounds and public amenities."

Let's look at the key elements of Self Contained Camping


Some self-contained campground may allow portable toilet set up in a small toilet tent.  However, this is not normally the case with council free camp areas and national parks

A fixed vehicle toilet that is plumbed to a waste tank or a removable waste cassette is required, KAPPA canopies are equipped with a full size toilet and removable waste cassette.

Grey Water

Self-contained means no waste water disposal at the campgrounds.  This includes wash up water, showers etc.

All of your waste water will need to be collected in a grey water waste tank.

The KAPPA canopies includes a waste tank that is plumbed to sink, hand basin and shower pan.


There is a simple rule, "what you bring in, you must take out".  Collect and remove all waste.

Campfire & Cooking

Unless stated otherwise, self-contained campground do not permit camp fires on the ground.  However, if permitted, you may be required to remove the burnt fuel remains and any containment structure like rock and ditch.  Also, observe any fire bans and restrictions that may apply at time of camping

Unless campfires are allowed, any cooking must be contained to the vehicle.  The KAPPA canopies have built in diesel powered air / water heaters and cooktops.  These diesel units will run for many hours on a litre of fuel and produce near to no smell or smoke. 


Some self-contained campground may allow generators between specified times.  The KAPPA canopy has plenty of power with its lithium battery and roof mounted solar panels.  Subject to weather conditions, several days of camping can be obtained before recharging is required.

 “No Camping” only "Self Contained"

Some campgrounds may state  “No Camping” and "Self Contained Only".  This means that tents, camper trailers and some caravans are not permit to camp, as they do not have the built-in facilities to manage waste.  The KAPPA Canopies are a fully self-contained unit.

We hope this helps to better understand "Self Contained" when selecting your next camp spot.