KAPPA Build Partner

KAPPA Build Partner

Support and positive communication are critical for any relationship to grow and prosper.  That's why we will be there while you build your first and n th Kappa canopy.

Kappa Kanopies will provide the design, formed / painted panels, welded assemblies and moulded components ready to fit and install.  Fasteners, hardware, cable, plumbing and equipment can be supplied from your local suppliers or through your Kappa Kanopies account.  Some items, like Batteries, are supplied from your local distributors.

We will support you and your team to build great Kappa canopies with training and instructional videos over time.

All parts are designed to fit together with no alterations.  All fixing holes are pre marked in formed panels, requiring only a light drilling to size the fastener.

Overall, the Kappa units do not require more than everyday tools or any special equipment to assemble.

The ideal Build Partner

The ideal Build Partner is a business that has good people skills, a passion of four-wheel driving / camping and have suitable facilities to take deliveries, store, assemble and install the KAPPA canopies to the vehicle. 

Besides your own marketing efforts, we will direct enquiries or orders through the KAPPA Kanopies website for you to make contact the client.  You schedule the build around our delivery schedules and to negotiate the price with your customers.  

The Kappa Build Partner will be required to:

What Kappa Supplies

Drawings & Files

There are around 800 detailed drawings that cover :-



Tools required are impact drivers, drills, range of screwdrivers, spanners, compress, pneumatic contact cement sprayer, riveter and nutsert guns

Drawing are supplied to build the assembling trolley, and installation cradle / lifting jacks or can be ordered from Kappa

A forklift will be required to unload shipments

Assembly Time

At this stage, we don't have any production times.  However, based on the build time of the first unit, 120 hours have been estimated + 12 hours to fit to vehicle.

Lead Time

An important consideration is ordering parts and fabricated items in larger quantities. Normally, 4 to 6 weeks is required for components to be assembled and ship to you. However, will may defer deliveries until additional order have been scheduled. Allow 6 months from time of order.



The price that your customer pays is up to you to determine. You may even want to add addition products as part of your offer.


Kappa warrants the design and any supplied materials. The quality of the build and installation is your responsibility. 

Sales Enquiries

Besides your own marketing efforts, we will direct enquiries from the KAPPA Kanopies website to Sales or Build Partners based on customer nomination or location.  You schedule the build around our delivery schedules and to negotiate the price with your customers.  Sales partners can nominate any approved Build Partner to supply and install the Kappa canopy on behalf of their customer.

Sound like you?

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