Born For Adventure

The concept for the KAPPA Kanopies was born from adventure goers and explorers wanting to go anywhere without the limitations of caravans and trailers.

Designed for luxury remote adventures anywhere and anytime.

KAPPA Kanopies are designed for Australian in Australia from locally made material where possible. 

Supplied equipment are source from leading manufacturers with quality support and service capability throughout Australia.

Currently, the "KA" model has been designed, built and in the field being tested on a Toyota LC79 Single cab.

It's a Drawcard

Everywhere we have gone while testing the prototype, it has evokes great interest and attention.

"Thank goodness it only takes a minute to set up for others view and try out."

Adventure Goers, Builders and Partners

We are a start-up business, with our first model designed and built.  The unit is currently undergoing field-testing until the end of 2023.

Meanwhile, we welcome the opportunity to hear from you. Let us know what you think and arrange a time to explore a KAPPA Kanopy further.

KAPPA Partner Opportunity

We know that there are complementary partnership opportunities that would be mutually beneficial.  

Let us know if we overlook you and your business.  Contact us to arrange a time to chat further.

Who is Kappa Kanopies 

Gordon K, founder and designer, over many years has been seeking a more comfortable and easier solution to explore our great outback and coastal regions.  

The problem is this, remote locations or tracks are not always accessible with camper trailers or caravans, and there is a growing movement to self-contained camping in national parks.

Even if there was a great towing option, the cost of additional fuel, maintenance and insurance all adds up to be a significant sum along with the additional stress to you and your vehicle.

Gordon and his partner, Lesley, wanted a self-contained vehicle with a level of luxury, comfort and convenience that can be established anywhere, anytime and in minutes.

After years of looking, Gordon got started and designed the KAPPA Canopy.  During COVID-19 the concept was created and has undergone, a couple of years of infield trials with outstanding results.

"The concept was good, but the reality has surpassed our expectations time and time again." said Gordon K