KAPPA Sales Partner

So you are interested in becoming a KAPPA Partner! That's great news, and we hope to hear from you so.

KAPPA Sales Partner

Ideal business model for existing businesses that currently attend local camping and caravan shows and a provider of 4WD products, off road caravans and camper trailers

How it works

Sales is a team effort between you, the KAPPA Build Partner and us.  As a KAPPA Sales Partner, you will be able to register the interest of a potential customer and nominate a KAPPA Build Partner to receive your build order.  

All customer's orders are place through the KAPPA Kanopies online forms.

Your Cost

The KAPPA Sales Partner may be required to own or hire a KAPPA Kanopy during trade shows. 

Some travel cost for training will be involved at various times.

What Kappa Supplies

Sound like you?

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